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Do students at your school walk or run?
Perhaps your students walk and run throughout the year as part of a regular program. Those miles belong in the Race. Does your school participate in a walk-a-thon or 5K? Tally them up and put them in. What about walk-to-school? Those count too. You get the picture. Not running but want to get started? You've landed in the right place. We've got you covered.
We know that thousands of schools have experienced the benefits of adding walking and running to the school day. Active kids simply do better - better in the classroom, better attendance, better health and fitness. We want thousands more schools to experience the same. That's why we are uniting the efforts of schools across the nation to walk and run one billion miles. Yep, that's right, billion with a 'b.'
Joining the Billion Mile Race is simple:
  1. Activate Your School & Unlock Your Custom Profile - As a teacher, administrator, or parent, register on behalf of your school. This will unlock your school profile for the world to see. It's where you'll log miles, set goals, and track progress. Hesitant to take on the job of managing your school's profile? Don't sweat it. You may add as many profile administrators as you like.
  2. Get Students Running & Walking More - If your students are already running and walking, hats off. Try setting an ambitious school goal to go bigger in 2018/19. If you're new to the game, get creative. Build in opportunities to walk and run where you can - during downtime before the bell, at recess, between classes. Every school is different. Find a rhythm that works for yours.
  3. Post Miles - Tally miles your students collectively walk and run and post to your profile. Set a target to post once a week or even once a day. Make adding miles a moment to celebrate! Bit by bit, mile by mile, we'll watch the ticker climb towards a billion. 



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The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race was originally developed and launched by ChildObesity180 at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Under ChildObesity180, the Race helped promote walking and running in thousands of schools representing all 50 US states. The New Balance Foundation is the founding title sponsor of the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race.


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