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Just Run

JUST RUN is the FREE youth fitness program developed by the Big Sur International Marathon in 2004 to combat childhood obesity. JUST RUN is multifaceted and promotes exercise and the sport of running as well as good citizenship and healthy eating by its Just Deeds and Just Taste features. Virtual runs across the USA and Europe, as class cooperative goals, link geographical and historical points of interest, making it educational as well.

JUST RUN is turn-key and website-based, available for implementation in all schools and youth organizations in any locale. ALL program materials and student incentives are readily available on the website; teachers/leaders are trained and mentored throughout the span of their participation. JUST RUN can be implemented before, during and after-school and is easily adaptable for children of kindergarten-age through high school. This is an ongoing, continuous program; schools, individual classes, and groups can register at any time.

Teacher feedback is testimony to JUST RUN’s positive impact on fitness levels, classroom learning, and student behavior.

JUST RUN is an award-winning program. In 2015 it was selected as the National Youth Program of the Year by the prestigious Running USA organization.

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