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Kids Run The Nation

Designed for elementary school-age children and scalable for younger and older grades, the multi-week, gender-inclusive, turnkey Kids Run the Nation curriculum focuses on participation through educational modules and coordinating running activities. Highlighted topics include goal setting, safety, physiology and form, hydration, and nutrition, which are paired with games, relays, and other running activities that focus on fun through fitness. Introduced by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) in 1986 as a means of combating childhood obesity, the Kids Run the Nation program has inspired more than 80,000 young runners since 2007 to foster a love for the sport as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The curriculum is offered free of charge to running clubs, schools, before- and after-school programs, nonprofits, and other groups looking to start or sustain a youth running program. Whether meeting before or after school, during recess, as part of physical education classes, or on weekends, the flexibility of the Kids Run the Nation curriculum allows program leaders to set individual and group goals that inspire and reward every young runner.

As the oldest and largest national association of running organizations and runners dedicated to growing the sport since 1958, the RRCA champions the development of community-based running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition. Complemented by the Kids Run the Nation grant fund, the goal of the Kids Run the Nation program is to help establish locally managed youth running programs in every school and community across the U.S.

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